Vintage Art: Retro Adult Films That Were Once a Hit

Are Vintage Movies Better Than Modern Ones?

There’s a reason why vintage movies were once such a hit. That goes for any genre, including adult movies. So, we’re going to talk about some of them that were very popular in their time and what made them a hit.

Sexcapades (1983)

Harry is a former porn director who crossed over to making documentaries and became broke. He gets another chance to direct porn and does so despite his wife’s wishes. To make matters worse, the porn has to be shot in his home.


In this movie, you can see a bit of everything: straight sex, lesbian sex, strap-ons, and even threesomes. This is one of those adult movies that makes sex look fun, especially because the shoot starts intertwining with Harry’s life.

Flesh and Fantasy (1985)

John is a simple farmer struggling with erectile dysfunction. This causes his girlfriend to leave him, so he decides to end his life. At that moment, Adam (yes, the first man) shows up. He offers John unlimited erections and access to as many women as he wants. However, if he ever grows tired of having sex, he has to go to Hell.


This film offers a unique perspective on how far men will go to have mind-blowing sex. How many women will John go through until he’s had enough? Only one way to find out.

Black Throat (1985)

The plot follows Roscoe, Jamal, and a talking rubber rat Mr. Bob. Roscoe finds a card that says Madame Mambo promises inspiration through fellatio. That’s when Roscoe and Jamal decide to seek this mysterious lady and go on a sexual adventure.


If you’re a fan of adult movies that aren’t only and all about sex, this is a great choice for you. The movie is quite funny, but you can also find elements of interracial sex, threesomes, and what we would today call a Nuru massage.

Taboo II (1982)

The title of this movie is very fitting because it follows the story of Junior, who learns that his recent sexual partner is having sex with her son. From there, Junior starts thinking about what it would be like if he seduced his mother and sister. The story slowly unfolds, and we find Junior making his dreams come true. At the same time, his sister is starting to have naughty thoughts about her father.


If you’re into incest or step-brother/sister fetishes, this is one of the best retro adult films for you. It’s threesomes galore with a sprinkle of some lesbian action.

Come and Blow The Horn (1978)

Now, this movie is a breath of fresh air. It revolves around an old Swedish legend that says Vikings coming back home would blow into a horn, and their women would run to them and have sex on the spot. Monika decides to blow into the horn, and she finds out that it really does make local women horny.


Like every other movie, this one includes a plethora of straight sex, with a touch of lesbian action. However, you can also see a big sausage used as a dildo and some fisting.

The Bite (1966)

Koichi is a man in need of money to take care of his sick mother. Having nowhere else to turn, he accepts the offer of a woman who will give him money to have sex with women. However, there’s a catch — he has to let her and her clients watch. The last girl he has sex with is a waitress that he falls in love with. At this point, he tells his ‘employer’ that he’s quitting, but she won’t let him go that easily. 


This is one of the black and white vintage adult movies you just have to watch, especially if you’re into Asians and a bit of forceful sex.

Babylon Pink (1979)

This is a movie about several different women being very sexually bored. Boring sex is something many people struggle with. In this adult film, we can see how all of these women end up submitting to their dream lovers.


Babylon Pink is a classic adult movie filled with straight sex. However, it’s interesting to see the different kinds of ways in which you can spice up your sex life. Who knows, maybe we can learn something from it.

Nothing to Hide (1981)

Jack and Lenny are extraordinary best friends. While Jack has no problem constantly picking up women, Lenny struggles. Eventually, Lenny finds love with whom he pursues a sexual relationship. That doesn’t sit right with Jack because he realizes he might lose his best friend.


This adult movie is pretty conservative. There are quite a few scenes involving straight sex, but everything is done in a very tasteful manner. So, if you want to watch porn that won’t make you feel dirty afterward, this is a good pick.

Behind the Green Door (1972)

What happens behind the green door? An orgy. Gloria is kidnapped, and she doesn’t know where she’ll end up. When her blindfold comes off, she is welcomed by six women. They lead her to a stage where they have sex with her in front of an audience that later joins in on the action.


This film has elements of voyeurism, and who doesn’t love a good orgy? It will definitely spark your imagination.

A Night at the Adonis (1978)

Finally, let’s talk about a gay adult movie. The movie shows us what happens at the Adonis theater behind closed curtains. This is the kind of place you come to for all kinds of entertainment.


Coming from the “Golden Age” of adult films, this porn shows us what gay hook-ups might’ve looked like back in the day. It’s worth the watch, regardless of your sexual orientation.

The Final Verdict

“Golden Age” adult movies show us that porn and sex were much different in the past. Sure, nowadays, adult films have bigger budgets and visually look better. However, some people argue that vintage adult movies have a lot more passion and show what sex actually looks like.