Butt Plugs Aren’t Just for Pornstars anymore

Are butt plugs only for porn stars? This is a very common question but this taboo is broken by sex lovers’ long back. The anus is one of the most erogenous zones of man. This statement is true for both men and women – the fact is that in the anus there are a huge number of nerve endings. During the stimulation of these zones, a person gets a strong sensual pleasure – in men, the prostate gland (prostate) is massaged, located near the anus. During stimulation of the prostate, the blood flow to the penis increases, so that the erection becomes stronger and lasts longer. Although the main erogenous zones of women are in the genital area, many women get real pleasure from anal caresses – during anal stimulation, the walls of the vagina and the anus touch, which causes pleasant sensations.

Since ancient times, the art of love and sex has undergone many changes and has been enriched with new knowledge. Now anal sex and anal caress are not considered a shameful and sinful affair, and a great variety of anal stimulants are offered to meet these needs. Anal stimulants are of different types – only they have the same function – to bring satisfaction to a person and unrivaled, naughty sexual experiences. The main types of anal stimulants are anal vibrators, anal plugs, anal balls and anal chains, as well as – very popular with the stronger sex, useful and functional prostate stimulants.

There is no realistic statistics about how many people in the world are engaged in anal stimulation – many people prefer not to talk about anal caresses out loud, in our society there are still strong prejudices about this. But anal stimulants are in demand they are widely represented in the assortment of sex shops, anal stimulators of various types and types occupy one of the leading lines in the online sex shop sales rating. One of the most common types of anal stimulants, which are designed not only to satisfy sensual needs, but also bring considerable medical benefits – butt plug.

Master anal plugs, as a rule, have a specific, drop-shaped form. This form facilitates the introduction of the tube into the anus. It has a much smaller size than regular dildos and expands at the base. A wide base should prevent it from falling deep into the intestines. As a rule, the average diameter of this anal stimulator is 3 cm, and the average length is 10-14 cm.

Butt plugs are useful for both women and men.

Girls get extra pleasure from her during intercourse by stimulating those areas of the vagina, which are adjacent to the anus and have sensitive nerve endings. Also this anal stimulator is good for women who have weakened vaginal muscles – for example, after childbirth – and they, and their partner, do not receive adequate satisfaction from sexual intercourse. By inserting the anal plug into the anus, the woman expands the anus and the end of the rectum, thereby narrowing the vagina. Men also often use these anal stimulants, because cork stimulates the prostate gland – which leads to a particularly strong erection. And yet – stimulation of the prostate gland is a good prevention of such diseases as prostatitis. Special anal plugs are also used to strengthen the muscles of the anus, and some, for example, are equipped with a pear, which allows you to inflate the tube with air and thus increase its size. By the way, when a man or a woman uses this type of anal stimulant during intercourse, their sexual sensations increase several times, and the orgasm becomes especially strong.

Common type of anal stimulant

Another common type of anal stimulant is vibrators for anal satisfaction. Some anal stimulants of this type are mostly anal plugs, only with the function of vibration. But some anal stimulants are vibrators and have a fundamentally different form – they are long, elongated and oblong, resembling in part the anal chains. In the sex market of goods presented in the sex shop, anal stimulators with vibration differ from each other and the materials from which they are made most often for the production of anal stimulators vibrators use gel and polyvinyl chloride; and sizes from the most compact, to the most impressive; also with speeds and modes of operation – you can choose a convenient range for yourself from the softest, most gentle to passionate and sensual! We are talking about the so-called double penetration vibrators – intended for simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation. You can buy a vibrator of this model at loveplugs.co and use it as an anal stimulator.  Anal chains – a refined, elegant look of anal stimulants – also in great demand in the sex shop.

Kind of anal stimulator

It consists of several balls of variable or of the same diameter, connected in series with each other by rigid or flexible bridges. Mostly anal chains are made from silicone, gel or polyvinyl chloride. The chain is gradually introduced into the rectum through the anus, and then also removed. Such actions lead to a significant stimulation of erogenous zones located around the sphincter.