Rare Discovery: 16mm Nudie Film Starring Becky McFarlane

Hello everyone, Manny Calavera here. While dealing with the death of the official Vintage Cuties computer, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for public and private auctions. The past months were a dry spell with very few auctions of note. This was welcome to a certain extant because funds have been a bit scant. The hiatus was worth it, though. I managed to get my hands on a special film.

Last week, I was notified about a new auction happening this week and that there was going to be a Becky McFarlane film. There some other films of interest in the auction, but none of them fell under my top ten list of priority models. Becky McFarlane is practically at the top of …

The Fetish Art of Superman’s Co-creator Joe Shuster

The Hidden Fetish Illustrations Of The Creator of Superman

If you had your life’s passion taken from you, to which lengths would you continue being true to your craft?

J Shuster Fetish Man of Steel

In 1933, two high school students from Cleveland, Ohio created a character who would become the first and most notable superhero of all times: Superman. Joe Schuster and Jerry Siegel came up with the concept of a child of two worlds who would find strength in what made him different in order to save others and the world. Jerry was the writer and Joe the illustrator. They had envisioned Clark Kent to be a comic strip but failed to find anyone who would buy their idea. Then, in 1938, National Allied Publications, which would eventually become DC, bought the rights to Superman for the

Retro VT Porn Discovered

Last night we unearthed a mountain of retro Viv Thomas porn from the 80s/90s here in the office. We found folders of Viv’s early career work in South Africa, including this medium-format set of Louise Freeman shot in 1981 and published in Mayfair Magazine, the first set Viv ever sold to the Paul Raymond Organization. Of course almost 30 years later we still have a great relationship with PRO, having collaborated on movies, pictures, websites and various other things over the years, including the odd pint or two in Soho’s finest watering holes.

We also found tapes of early work shot by Viv, his pre-Spunk pre-Stern cameraman John Chalk, and even Lindsay Honey AKA Ben Dover, who shot Viv’s infamous foot movie Every Woman …

Sex toys specially made for Women Masturbation and Orgasm

In fact, most girls do not have sex toys. Some use toys only during sex with a partner, but never use them for their own pleasure, that is, during masturbation. Some do not masturbate at all! Sex toys will allow you to increase the sensations and orgasm intensity; you will get an unforgettable pleasure that you never had to experience during sex. Also, sex toys have many other advantages, and our opinion is the following – each girl should have their own sex toy. If they are shy to purchase one, they should opt for the various homemade sex toys for women.

Sex toys and masturbation will increase your orgasm

If you have never experienced an orgasm or you had a few pleasant …