The 31st of January we introduce in PUERTA (Zabalbide Street 17, Bilbao) the fourth and final meeting of T-Festa OPEN, on this occasion the guest artist is Paola Guimerans, that will conduct the workshop F+HACKING MATERIALS, in collaboration with Truca-Rec.

31st of January 2014
Schedule: 16:00 to 20:00 hours
Price: 10€ (includes all materials)
PUERTA (Zabalbide Street 17, Bilbao)
Imparted by: Paola Guimerans
Collaborates: Truca-Rec
Inscription: Send CV or motivation letter to rosa@t-festa.org, before the 22nd of January.

“Artists and engineers are separate individuals, and if they work together, something will come of it that neither can expect.” Billy Klüver
The artist as creator or inventor, in his attempt to appropriate new materials and technological tools to express his ideas, has managed to generate new forms of interaction. Beyond the digital practices, we find ourselves with a new perception of technology as design material. Yarn and fabric as conductors, paintings that react to heat, open code electronic tools or the DIY philosophy, are only some of the keys that explain the current hybrid that exists between the electronic and the traditional techniques of creation. The frontier between disciplines is fading through drawing, painting and sewing; this workshop invites the participants to build circuits, experiment with new materials and explore the creative possibilities that offer the incorporation of electronics on textiles.
Paola Guimerans is an artist and educator, who researches new materials and uses of technology into the creative process and for informal learning. As an advocate of the maker movement and inspired by DIY culture, she explores emerging forms of interactive art and design. Paola has taught at Parsons The New School of Design
NY the class of “Soft Circuits: an exploration of new materials in the context of tangible interface design”, working as a researcher for the Fashion Technology Lab and running different workshops that focused on wearable technology, e-textiles and soft circuits technique at Parsons University. Furthermore, she has designed interdisciplinary curricula and taught classes at the Q2L

Institute of Play an experimental school for children in New York. Her work has been exhibited in art centers such as Eyebeam Art+Technology Center NY, MedialabPrado Madrid, MACBA Barcelona and Ventana244 Art Space Brooklyn NY

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