28th December in PUERTA (C/ Zabalbide 17. Bilbao)

THIRD MEETING T-FESTA OPEN: Miguel Benlloch* + Aimar Arriola

(*) Inventory of a practice:

Red bathrobe, white hijab, straw hat, Egyptian hat, red gloves,

white gloves, black dress pants, Marino and Juan Antonio´s black blouse, black gloves, corduroy pants, squared flannel shirt, Maria Jose´s red wool vest, black striped pants, Juan Carlos´ white ants shirt, Plus Ultra black t-shirt, beige summer pants, orange gloves, striped colored minipull, sequin miniskirt, white boxers [so far, extracted from Miguel Benlloch´s performance, “I have time”, 1994], mirrors coverall, pig suit, activist-panties, dotted shirt, Alonso´s Free-Sahara sweatshirt, Berta´s Bolivian skirt, colored panties, breast reducer bandage, rag cock… and, now, pink disoriented t-shirt for T-festa.

Miguel Benlloch is a performancer-actioner. Anti-Franco and Anti-Otan activist, he contributed to the preparation of the homosexual liberation movement in the Spanish State on the late seventies. Since 1988 he works alongside Joaquín Vázquez and Alicia Pinteño in the cultural producer BNV Productions, Sevilla. In November 2013 he published “Acaeció en Granada” (Ciengramos Publisher), a book that reviews with texts and images his professional and vital career.

Aimar Arriola works from the art. They both met in 2008 as object of study and researcher, respectively. Their relationship continues at present from a more immediate dimension of work and affection. In this context, Aimar is interested in talking with Miguel about aspects of his practice from the position of the micro-politics of style.

Image: Miguel Benlloch, Disorientation, 2013.

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